Transferring a Domain to CountingWorks

Domain transfers start at the domain owner’s registrar.

1. To start you will need to initiate the domain transfer with your domain registrar. Please confirm that the domain is unlocked so it will transfer.

2. The domain registrar will send a confirmation email to the account holder that MUST be confirmed. Note this email may go to the junk or spam folder.

Caution: Changing your domain contact information/email can lock the domain for 60 days and block the transfer. Before changing any contact information, ask your domain registrar if this will lock your domain.

3. The domain registrar will then provide a transfer key code.

4. Once you receive the email with the transfer key code, please forward the email to

5. CountingWorks will continue the transfer process. You will be notified once the transfer is complete.

Note: The process time can vary based on your current domain provider. Domain transfers may occur within 2-3 days while others can take closer to 15 days to complete.