Social Media

Connecting Your Social Media For Autoposting

Twitter/X Deprecation

Due to changes in the Twitter/X API, our application can no longer post to Twitter/X through our Green or 2.0 Portals. Although we have no plans to rebuild the application for these legacy platforms, we are fully maintaining it for our 3.0 Portal. If you would like to upgrade to 3.0, please contact us at

To connect your social media accounts for auto posting please follow the instructions detailed in this video:

If you'd prefer written instructions:

  1. Login to your portal at
  2. Open a new browser window and login to the social media account you would like to connect: Facebook or LinkedIn (Twitter/X application is deprecated and will no longer post from our 2.0 Portal)
  3. In the portal window, click on the the button in the top right-hand corner with your name and profile image.
  4. From the drop down menu, select Settings
  5. From there, select the Apps link
  6. Click on the social media button you would like to connect

Follow the onscreen instructions shown on the page to complete the connection.

You will need to repeat steps 2 and 6 to connect all social media accounts.

* In that same section, we also include other social media networks that we don't auto-post to, but we will display on your website if you provide the link to those pages (ex. Twitter, Yelp, YouTube, Etc.).

If you have any questions please email