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Facebook App Permissions Reconfirmation Required Every 90 Days

Facebook recently announced that they will be making changes that will impact user access.

Within the next couple of weeks, any applications on Facebook will be required to reconfirm permissions every 90 days, including the CountingWorks Social app that is used to post content 2-3x per week to your Facebook business page.

When this happens, users will have to login to their Facebook account to re-authorize applications that they want to remain active every 90 days.

To better prepare you for this change, we’ve outlined the steps below:

  1. Login to Facebook.

  2. Go to the far right and click on the drop-down arrow.

  1. Click on Settings.

  1. On the left column, scroll down and click on Apps and Websites.

  1. Once you click on Apps and Websites, you’ll see your apps listed in one of the three tabs: Active, Expired and Removed. Search for the ClientWhys Social app and click on View and edit.


6. Once you’re in the view and edit option, scroll to the bottom left and click on the Renew Access button.


Again, you must login to Facebook at least every 90 days to complete this re-authentication of our application. If you do not so this, you will not be able to receive our great tax and accounting articles, cartoons, videos, etc.

We will send out additional reminder emails to you over the coming weeks and months, but ultimately this is something that you or someone on your staff will need to add to your calendar(s) as a recurring 90-day task item.

While we realize this may seem like an inconvenience, ultimately Facebook is taking these steps in order to increase the quality and security of their platform. For more information on this change, you may also refer to Facebook’s announcement here.

With more than 2.13 billon users including many of your clients and prospective clients, Facebook remains the most popular social media application in the world. So, we want to be sure that you continue to receive lots of benefits by having us post great tax and accounting content to your Facebook business page!