Website Editor

How do I add a PDF hyperlink to an article?

Login to your portal account at

  • Click on the Site Editor and select the article that you want to add the PDF hyperlink to.

  • Scroll to the bottom and click on Content.

  • Go to the field labeled Text and toggle over to the right and click Edit.

In the tool bar click the Image icon

  • Select the Upload tab

  • In the Upload dialog box click Choose File then browse and select the PDF.

  • Click Send it to the Server.

  • Once the upload is complete this should take you to the Image Info tab.

  • Copy the URL and click Cancel.

  • Highlight the word or phrase that you would like to hyperlink.

  • In the tool bar click the Hyperlink icon.

In the Hyperlink dialog box paste the PDF URL in the URL field and click OK.

You should now see the the word or phrases hyperlinked to your PDF.

In the article click Save Changes.