ClientWhys Connect Tax Forum

How often will I receive notifications from the forum?

When we initially add you to the forum, we will set your email delivery setting to “all email” which allows your full participation in the forum, meaning you can post questions, respond to requests for additional information, and respond to other’s questions.

Abridged email - If you opt for the Abridged email you can still post new questions via email at, however any responses to your posted questions will need to be viewed in the next summary email or by previewing the forum at the link below. You can only reply to any comments on your original question or comment on another forum members topic through a Google Account.

You can preview the forum here:!forum/clientwhysconnect

If you would like to change the frequency, please send an email to

The delivery options are available to review below:

• No email - Receive no email from the group’s posts (posts only available online)
• Abridged email - Receive one summary email per day
• All email - Receive an email for every group post