How to Create a New Website or Landing Page

Let's start creating professional, custom websites easily with no code

We have a tutorial video here, or see below for step by step instructions.

When you are ready to get started on building out a website that will suit your needs or a landing page to showcase a service, event, or anything you want to promote please follow the steps below to get started:

Log into the 3.0 platform by navigating to

Upon logging in you will see some recommended actions, one of which will be the option to create a website:

Click on the Get Started button and that will bring you to the Sites module where you can select the option to create a new site:


The next screen, upon selecting New Site, will present you with the options to create a new full website, a blog/niche site, or a landing page. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, select the appropriate option. For further detailed instructions, we will cover the full website; however, the tools and functions to update any of those options are all fairly similar:


After selecting Get Started, you will need to fill in the site details next. When completed, select the "Next" option at the bottom:


The next screen will have you choose any themes that are currently available for that the particular service you have preselected. Keep in mind that this will continually be updating with new themes, so you can always change your theme later when more become available. Click on the theme that you want and select the "Next" option:

From there you will be creating your brand identity. This is where you will upload your company logo and choose the color and text for your site. Keep in mind that you can use the default color schemes we have put together or create an entirely new color scheme of your choice by selecting the custom color option. Once you have updated all applicable sections, scroll down and select the "Next" option:


That will then initiate the generation of your site:


Once the generation of the site has been completed, you may choose to publish the site straight away, preview the site, or you can go back to the dashboard to make additional changes to the site before publishing it. We would recommend making any necessary changes to the site before publishing the site:


If you select go back to dashboard, you will be presented with the screen below. Please select Website Editor:


When in the site editor, the first screen you will presented with are tools to update the overall general website such as fonts, colors, etc. that section is on the right (notated by the blue arrow). The left side of the screen (notated by the red arrow) shows you the main sections of the website such as the homepage and the main menu items on your site. To edit any of the page sections, click on the pencil icon next to the pages as indicated by the image below:


Upon selecting the edit option, you will notice that the preview of the site is on the left, while the components you can add to the page are on the right. To edit anything that is present on the page simply hover over that section and select the edit option. In this tutorial, we will show you how to simply edit the pricing section.

Scroll down until you see the section you want to update, in this example it will be the pricing section. When you see the section you want to update, hover over the component and select the edit icon as seen below:


When editing a component, you will see the available sections to edit now appear on the right side of the screen:


Now as an example we will go ahead and scroll down and edit the Tax services price. Once you have made the update, you can either continue to update other sections or click on the Save as Draft or Save & Publish options to save your updates. We would suggest saving often if you are looking to make many updates to your page:


Once you are satisfied with all of the changes throughout your page, click on the Save & Publish button and once it has saved, you will be prompted with a Page Saved Successfully notice:


Now let us fast forward and say that you have updated all of the pages you need on your site and you are ready to publish your site. From any page that you are currently on, navigate back to that site's website editor, you can do that quickly by clicking on the name of the site in the top left-hand corner:


On the website editor screen, click on the Save & Publish button. That will publish all of the pages you have set to publish and prepare for the launch of the live site. You will notice an indicator by the name in the top left-hand corner of the site that states that it is now Published:


Now to launch that website on a domain of your choosing, click on the menu button in the very top left-hand corner:


From there, choose the Website option:


On the following screen, choose the site you want to launch and hover over it. You will notice an icon of an eye to view the site, select that option:


The next screen you will see an option to navigate to your site's Settings section, click on that option. From there, you will see a button you can select to add a custom domain name (ex. to your site:


You will then be presented with the screen that will allow you to type in the name of the domain you want associated with the site you have built. You will also notice a two sections titled NameType and Target. The NameType is the type of DNS record you need to add to your DNS records and the Target is the IP address you need to point that A record to. Please contact your domain registrar and have them update your A record or send us an email to and schedule some time with us to assist you in that process. Please allow 1-24 hours for the changes to propagate through the internet and once that has been completed, you will have a brand new site up and running to use and edit at any time: