How to create automated newsletters

Start creating automated newsletters to keep your clients or leads in the know!

To start creating automated newsletters that we help to curate based off of your preferences, follow the video or written instructions below:

1. Start off by logging into the 3.0 platform (

2. Upon logging in, you can either click on the Convert to Clients menu and select Newsletters or click on the Get Started button under the Setup a Newsletter Recommended Actions:

3. On the next screen, click on the + Create Automated Newsletter in order to setup your first newsletter:

4. The first 4 steps cover the setup of the newsletter, everything from which property you want the newsletter associated with down to the highlight colors within the newsletter:

5. For steps 4-6, this is where you will handpick which types of categories and tags you want the newsletters to contain. You can use the Select all option as well if you want all options available. For step 6, you select how many articles in you want contained in each of the automated newsletters that will be sent out to your clients:

6. Once you have completed all 6 steps, scroll down and click on the orange Save button and you're done! From there on out, those automated newsletters will be sent out on a monthly basis without you having to do anything else!