How to Launch Your Website or Landing Page

Shortened version for those who do not need the walkthrough of setting up a site or landing page.

To launch your website, follow along with the video or written instructions below:

  1. After setting up your website and/or landing page to be published, navigate back to the general Website section.

  2. On the following screen, choose the site you want to launch and hover over it. You will notice an icon of an eye to view the site, select that option:

  3. The next screen you will see an option to navigate to your site's Settings section, click on that option. From there, you will see a button you can select to add a custom domain name (ex. to your site:

  4. You will then be presented with the screen that will allow you to type in the name of the domain you want associated with the site you have built. You will also notice a two sections titled NameType and Target. The NameType is the type of DNS record you need to add to your DNS records and the Target is the IP address you need to point that A record to. Please contact your domain registrar and have them update your A record or send us an email to and schedule some time with us to assist you in that process. Please allow 1-24 hours for the changes to propagate through the internet and once that has been completed, you will have a brand new site up and running to use and edit at any time:

5. Once you see your domain listed there, click on the domain and you will be presented with a screen to verify your domain in order to utilize the newsletter function of the 3.0 platform. You will want to add those CNAME records as displayed on your screen. If you have any questions regarding this process, please feel free to reach out to for assistance.