How to update your website contact information

Update dynamic variables, company name, email, phone, address, and how to use find & replace

There is a walkthrough video below or written instructions, if you prefer.

Dynamic Variables and Updating Contact Information

With CountingWorks PRO 3.0 website builder, your website utilizes dynamic variables to populate your firm’s contact information throughout the site. These variables are in the form of variable names in square brackets, such as [companyName] or [city]. When you are working in the website editor, the dynamic variables will stay in their bracket form. However, they will automatically be replaced with your actual contact information when you preview the site on a new preview tab.

Currently, the contact fields that can use dynamic variables are:

  • Your firm name: [companyName]
  • Location details: [streetAddress], [city], [state], and [zip]
  • Phone number: [phone]
  • Email address: [email]

You can also find this list by clicking on the small “i” icon next to the Preview icon link in the page editor. If you want to utilize these variables in your content, simply type in or copy and paste these variables into your content–no need for any fancy setup! Just make sure that the variables are whole with both square brackets and no space inside.

The advantage of using dynamic variables is that you can easily update or replace any part of your contact information quickly without having to go to each individual page. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the main dashboard of your website
  2. In the Settings panel to the right-hand side (or at the bottom if you are on smaller screens), click the Site Details dropdown to see all the contact information fields and identity settings.
  3. Make any changes you need in the corresponding fields
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the Site Details section and click the orange “Update” button.

A notification box will appear on the top right corner to let you know that the changes have been saved. These changes will automatically be applied to the whole site and you can see the updated information immediately on the preview tab, wherever the dynamic variables are used.

Dynamic variables are effective and convenient, but we understand that sometimes it may look confusing in the page editor with all the brackets. If you want to replace these variables with actual data of your firm, our 3.0 Website Builder offers a simple Find and Replace tool. This tool can be found at the bottom of the Settings panel in the main website builder dashboard.

CAUTION: The Find and Replace tool is case-sensitive and space-sensitive, so make sure you are entering the exact text or phrase that you want to replace, with no space before or after if you are not intending to include them.

NOTE: If you have replaced all dynamic variables with actual data for your website, please note that updating the information under Site Details won’t automatically apply the changes to your site anymore. Nevertheless, you can still efficiently make updates to these details by using the Find and Replace tool as aforementioned. We recommend doing a spot-check afterward to make sure all text has been replaced successfully.