How to use Payments and Proposals

Using our Payment and Proposal features in 3.0

We have a great new tool called Payments for our 3.0 ClientHub Payments and Workflow subscribers. Payments allows you to send out proposals and engagement letters, and collect payment for your services via Stripe. Details about Stripe payment processing can be found at this link. See below for detailed set up instructions:

  1. To begin, make sure you’ve connected a Stripe account, you can view more about that here.

  2. Once your Stripe account is set up, you’ll want to set up your Paid Services. These services are what you’re going to attach to proposals in the next step. You can choose from one of our Paid Service templates or create your own. You can find Paid Services under Manage Clients/Payments/Paid Services. To create your own, click on Create Paid Service.

  3. Fill out the service name, amount, and description of what will be included with that service.

  4. By default, the service is set to Monthly Recurring, but if you’d prefer it to be a one-time payment, toggle the One Time Payment button. Once you’ve finished editing your service, save it and go back to the Payments window.

  5. Next, you’ll need to create and send your client a proposal. You can choose from one of our templates or create your own. To view the proposals or start your own, click on Proposals at the top (or if you’ve moved elsewhere within the Portal, click on Manage Clients/Payments/Proposals).

  6. Fill out the Title (what you’ll see it called within your Portal), Display Name (what your clients will see), select your website if you have one you want to associate with the proposal for branding purposes, select the Paid Service or Services you created in the prior step and whether or not you want that service to be required to move forward with the proposal. If you just have one service for the proposal, mark it as required. If you have multiple but they don’t have to get all of them, select only the ones they have to get, then they can choose to add the others when viewing the proposal.

  7. If you’re using a template, you’ll see the image and text have already been provided, you can edit them if you’d like. If you’re starting from scratch, you can add your first block by clicking Image or Text under ‘Add the first block’. Add your image or text as needed. To add your paid service, move your mouse to the area just below the first block and you’ll see an orange line with a ‘+’ symbol pop up; click the plus symbol and choose ‘Paid Services’. You’ll see the Paid Service you selected earlier show up in this window. If you add additional services from the dropdown above, they’ll automatically add to the Paid Services block you just added. When you’re done editing, click Create. You’ll be taken back to the Proposals window where you’ll see the Proposal you made at the bottom of the page under ‘Your Proposals’. To edit the proposal now that it’s been created, click on the three vertical dots next to the title of your new proposal, and click edit. You can also delete the proposal from that same button.

    1. PRO TIP: to create proposals you can use again and again, you should utilize our Variable Data fields. Our templates use variable data but if you make your own templates, you'll want to utilize these fields. Use them where you'd have typed their information, so instead of 'Dear Lee Reams', you'd use 'Dear [recipientFullName]' so that the next time you wanted to use that proposal, it would pull in the ClientHub name of the client you selected to receive that proposal. You can also use them for your own information, especially helpful if you have multiple sites, it would fill in the information for the site you selected in step 6.
      -Sender/Pro's Variables:










      -Recipient/Client Variables:





  8. To send the proposal, either hover over the proposal you want to send and click the orange Send Proposal button that appears or click Send Proposal at the top right of the window (if you use this option, you’ll be asked which proposal you want to send). Next, select the recipient for the proposal from the dropdown, or search for their name. These names pull directly from your ClientHub so they’ll need to be already loaded in there. Once you find their name, click the orange Add button and they’ll be added to the list.

    1. You can send a proposal out to multiple clients at once, so if you have other people who will also receive the same proposal, add them here as well. NOTE: You'd only want to use this option if you utilized the Variable Data as mentioned above in step 7.

  9. Once you’ve selected who will receive the proposal, click the Send button, and it will be sent to the email you have on file in your ClientHub for that client.

  10. You’ll be notified once they’ve accepted it and paid. You can also check the status of the proposal under the main Payments screen, on the Overview tab. Under status, you’ll see Sent, Accepted, or Declined. Click into Details to view more about it. Next to Details, you can also send a reminder or delete the proposal.

    1. You can also view Proposal status within ClientHub. Click on the client you wish to view, then at the top, click on Proposals to see what has been sent and the status.

If you run into questions along the way, please utilize the chat button within your Portal for assistance.