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How Do I Add PayPal Payments To My Website?

First you will need to contact PayPal to set up an account that will allow online payments. After you have created your account, the PayPal system will generate html embed code that will need to be added to your website.

If you need assistance adding the embed code to your website, please send an email to after you have successfully completed the set up process with PayPal.

More about PayPal -

PayPal Website Payments Standard allows your clients to pay their invoices securely through your website. There are no monthly fees; only transaction fees that range from 1.9% - 2.9% + .30 USD per transaction.

Click here for more information on PayPal or to set up online payments on your website.


Or set up a PayPal.Me/YourBusiness and get paid quickly for the goods or services you sell. Your customers will love the ease and the PayPal Purchase Protection for their eligible items.

Note: this is not for a “set amount” invoice, but for general payment of goods and services. is simply a link provided by PayPal which can be added to your website or website menu.

For more information visit: