How do I create new nurture campaigns?

If you're looking to set up your own custom nurture campaigns for leads, follow the steps below:

Navigate to Leads > Nurture

Click on the New Nurture button and assign the campaign a name:

Then start selecting the send days after setting the lead type for the lead. That is when the email you create will be sent out after setting a potential lead on a specific lead type:

From there, you can choose to add a banner graphic if you'd like as well as the email subject and the content of that email:

To add additional emails to that campaign, scroll down and click on the Add New Email to Nurture button:

Once you've completed setting up your nurture campaign, please be sure to remember to enable the campaign by clicking on the Start Nurture button, otherwise the nurture campaigns will not send out to the user upon assigning the lead to a specific lead type: