How do I turn off the automated newsletter?

Toggle the newsletter on or off, or delete just the upcoming month from within our 3.0 platform

To turn off the automated newsletter, first log in to your account at

On the left side of the screen, click on Convert to Clients, then click on Newsletters.

In the main part of the screen, you should see your active newsletter (or newsletters). Under the Status column, click on the toggle to change it from Active to Inactive.

An alternative route would be to click into the newsletter, click Settings and pause the newsletter by clicking on the Status dropdown near the top right of the main window and toggling it to Paused.

To turn it back on, navigate to the same section, then in the main window, select 'Inactive' (beneath the Automated Newsletters title), and toggle the newsletter back on.

To delete just the next month, navigate to the same Newsletter section, and locate the title of the upcoming month's newsletter (this will show approximately five business days before the first business day of the month; you'll receive an email notification when it's available to view). To the right of the title, there are icons that you may need to scroll to the right to view; click on the pencil icon to edit it. In the following window, scroll to the bottom and click Delete.