How to add leads to your website

Adding leads will help you utilize the tools within the platform to help convert those prospective clients to clients.

To add leads to your website's database, please follow the instructions below:
1. First log into the 3.0 platform at app.countingworkspro.com.

2. When logged in, you can either select the Convert to Clients menu item and select Leads or you can select the Get Started button under the Recommended Actions for Add Leads:

3. On the leads page, you will notice you have options to add new leads utilizing 2 different methods. You can either import a leads list using the Import Leads button or you can add individual leads by clicking on the + New Lead button. You will also notice that you can view both Active leads and Archived leads on the left side of the screen.

Importing Leads

1. You will be presented with a prompt to import a spreadsheet of your leads. If you need a template for what data you can import, please select the Download File Template link:

2. When you have the spreadsheet you want to import, select the file and upload it. Once completed, click on the Import button. If you receive the error, "This CSV file is invalid! Try to use the template file" please make sure your spreadsheet is in a proper CSV format before upload:

+ New Lead

1. When adding individual leads you will be prompted with general information needed to create that lead, Once all the information has been inputted, scroll down and select Save: