How to create campaigns to send to your leads

This tool will assist you with sending a chain of emails and text messages to your leads and book an appointment with them.

To begin setting up campaigns to automate a series of emails to your leads, follow the steps below:

1. First log into the 3.0 platform at

2. When logged in either navigate to the Campaigns section by clicking on the Convert to Clients menu and selecting Campaigns or click on the Get Started button under Setup Campaigns in the Recommended Actions section:

3. On the following screen click on the + New Campaign button in the top right-hand corner:

4. On the Add new Campaign screen you can either select a prebuilt template we have provided or you can create a brand new campaign yourself by skipping the Templates drop down menu and naming a new campaign in the Campaign Name field:

5. From there, you will continue the setup process by choosing who your campaign audience will be and the series of emails that will be sent out. For the Send after ___ days field, you can have the first email go out the same day of setting up your campaign by choosing the number 0. For each additional email you want to send in that campaign series, click on the New Step button at the bottom:

6. Once you have completed your setup, hit Save at the bottom and your campaign will begin the earliest Send after date that you have set for your campaign.