How to create To-Dos and assign due dates to your clients

If you are looking to assign to-dos to a client to stay on top of specific due dates, follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to Manage Clients > Client Hub. From there, click on the client's name that you are trying to upload a file to:

2. On the following screen, select the To-Dos tab. On the To-Dos page, you will notice you have a + Add button, which will allow you to create a new to-do task and assign it a specific due date:

3. Upon clicking the + Add button, you will be presented with fields to fill in to create the to-do task. Once you have filled out all of the required fields and have chosen whether or not the visibility is public or private, scroll down and click on the Create button:

4. You will now see the new to-do task created:

5. If you wish to edit or delete the task, you would select the more options button on the far right and select the appropriate option:

6. If you wish to view the full details of the to-do task after creating the task, you would click on the Details option: