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Setting Appointments - Office 365

The Office 365 online appointment email sent to the professional will require a two step process.

Step 1 - From the email - Add the appointment to the Office 365 calendar and click save.

After you add the appointment to the Office 365 Calendar - Office 365 runs the iCal script approximately every 15 minutes beginning 5 minutes after the hour. It then matches to our script which blocks out the free/busy time on the online appointment calender.

Step 2- From the email - click confirm the appointment.

Clicking on confirm the appointment will automatically send an appointment confirmation to the client.

If you would like to block out any unavailable time, for example vacation time or meetings outside of client appointments, you can schedule this on the Office 365 Calendar as an appointment and mark the event as Busy.(do not use the repeat feature).

Events will not be blocked if they are listed as “Available” or “Private”.