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Share Your Expertise by Participating in Our Monthly Q&As

Building authority online is a great way to improve your visibility. An easy way to showcase your expertise consistently month after month is to spend 15 minutes answering Q&As.

Each month, we post a list of tax and accounting related questions for ClientWhys marketing subscribers to answer. After we edit your responses, select answers (along with a link to your website or profile) are turned into curated articles and published on and shared on social media.

TaxBuzz is one of the leading marketplaces for consumers and business owners to match up with top-rated professionals like yourself. With millions of visitors, TaxBuzz provides significant exposure to your brand.

By participating in Q&A, your brand will get an important inbound link which will help improve your overall search engine optimization (SEO)

The tab will be shown to all clients who are on our $69.95 and above website hosting packages.

Login to your website admin at

  • Click on the Q/A tab

  • View the list of questions under the tab - This Month's Questions

  • To provide an answer toggle to the right of the question and click Answer This Question

  • Enter your answer

  • Click Save Changes

You can view other clients answers under This Month's Answers

Click on Recent Questions to view a history of the last view month's completed Q/As.

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