Troubleshooting Issues with TeleAccountant™

If you're having issues with starting up TeleAccountant™, please refer to the tips here.

Here are a few general troubleshooting steps you can take to solve any issues you may be experiencing with the TeleAccountant tool.

No Sound -
During the initial setup screen did you or the user you're trying to communicate with mute the microphone?

Are your speakers turned on? Are you getting sound from other web sites? Can you hear music on your computer? Are your speakers plugged in and turned on? This is the #1 issue that most people overlook.

No Video -
Initially navigating to the TeleAccountant link, did the user or yourself allow for the camera to be used on the site? Typically that would appear as a pop-up on the screen.

If your camera's driver up-to-date? At the camera selection screen at the beginning, was the proper camera selected?

For Mac Users you'd have to allow permissions as well during initial navigation to TeleAccountant. If you did not allow it initially, you would then need to access your OS System Preferences to allow access. While under the permissions section, you'd want to locate camera and choose the apps (such as your browser) to allow the camera to be used in.

Drop in Audio or Picture -

This is almost always caused by a lack of memory or CPU resources on your computer. Try closing some open windows so that your computer to allocate more resources. You can also try reloading TeleAccountant to reconnect.

Video or Sound is Cutting Out -

This is most likely due to a local internet speed connection issue. Also be sure to check your local computer's driver to make sure it's up-to-date.

Not Able to Share Screen -

Typically this would only apply to Mac users. If you're having issues sharing your screen, it's typically because you have not allowed access to do that. To enable that, please refer to Apple's support article about how to enable that.

Still Having Issues?

  • Make sure you are not being blocked by a firewall preventing video content or Javascript. Some firewalls may have strict restrictions. You may need to try from another computer located somewhere else if this is the case.
  • Insure your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari) is up to date.