Improve Your Presence

What is the CountingWorks ProScore?

With thousands of tax and accounting professionals as subscribers, we pull in a ton of data on top performers, trends, traffic, leads, etc. This data allows us to compare and contrast what is working for the most successful brands. It is from this analysis that we developed our ProScore. We want our customers to be successful. Nothing is worse than hearing from a customer who wished they were doing better, and the first thing we see is that they have not taken the first step in loading their client database. This is equivalent to buying a Mercedes and not putting air in the tires.

Our ProScore will reward certain milestones with a higher score. While we will not share our proprietary formula, it is based on best practices from our most successful tax and accounting brands. What we learn from them can work for you as well. It all starts with uploading your client database. This allows us to begin your email newsletter and reach out to your influencers to attract reviews, social media followers and much more. This communication funnel will, in turn, reward you with an increase in website visitors, more referrals and even higher fees. It is all about showcasing your brand and building out your digital footprint.

Feel free to reach out to our customer success team if you have questions on how to improve your score.