Subscriber Management

Newsletter Subscriber List Maintenance

The following are instructions for maintaining your subscriber database. This includes unsubscribing a client from your marketing communications, viewing your unsubscribed or bounced emails or permanently deleting a client from the portal.

Subscribers can be added to your newsletter through the following scenarios:

1. To unsubscribe a client -

Click on the Communications tab
Select Email Lists
Click All Subscribers
Click on the Subscribed tab
Find the client on the list and select Unsubscribe.


2. To view a total list of unsubscribed or bounced emails -

Click on the Communications tab
Select Email Lists
Go to All Subscribers
Click on the Unsubscribed tab

3. To view your opens, unsubscribed or bounced emails from a specific marketing communication email -

Click on the Communications tab
Click on Newsletters
Click on the specific newsletter or message title you would like to review.
Click on the Opens tab to view who has clicked on the message
Click on Bounces to view the bounced emails
Click on Unsubscribes to view the unsubscribed emails

4. To permanently delete a client -

Go to the Client tab
Select a client
Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Settings
Click the edit button to the right of Status
Flag the box that reads "delete this client permanently".
Click Save Changes.