reCaptcha V3 added to website forms

IRS Publication 1345 provides guidelines for tax professionals when it comes to protecting your website against malicious BOT attacks or other bad actors. On page 6 of the IRS publication, the IRS defines a standard for website challenge-response tests. One of the technologies that they recommend is CAPTCHA. Anyone who has had a bad experience with the earlier versions of this technology knows that sometimes it was more hassle than an actual deterrent. The new reCAPTCHA v3 uses AI-powered technology to help stop spammers and BOTS without the maze of images and numbers that were hard to decipher for the end user. We recently rolled out this new technology platform-wide. You will notice a new reCAPTCHA icon in the bottom right of the website. It is enabled on all of your contact forms and is blocking malicious inquiries automatically. We will continue to monitor the effectiveness of the tool going forward. But you should see fewer BOT driven spam messages that clutter your inbox.

Visit the Google reCAPTCHA v3 website for more details.