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Setting Up the Send a Referral Page

This tutorial will show you how to set up the Send a Referral page.

  • Login to your website admin at

  • Click on the Site Editor tab

  • Click on the Gear

  • From the drop down select Create Your Own Referral Page

This will automatically create a new page on your website titled Send a Referral.

You can view, edit or unpublish by clicking on the Content icon at the bottom of the page.


Click the preview button or go to your website to view the Send a Referral page.


The Send a Referral page will populate a friendly message to the referral.

The sender will add the referral's email address. They will have the option to edit the subject line, edit the message and then they will add the sender's name.

Once Send Invite is clicked, the email will be sent to the referral's email address.

The email will be sent "On behalf of the sender's name" from your website's contact email address. This referral message will include your company website and social media links

For professionals that have a live Taxbuzz page with 5-star reviews, the email will also include a testimonial.

Sample email -


As an added benefit, Referrals will be added to the Leads tab.

You can view your referrals, follow up via email or add them to a lead nurture campaign through the Leads tab.


We have integrated the Send a Referral page as a call to action button to be used with-in your monthly communications. Please see our instructions for Setting Up the Call To Action Buttons on my Newsletter and Greetings

For more information please email our help desk at or give us a call at 800-442-2477 x4.