Website Branding: Updating Logo, Favicon, and Color Scheme

Make changes to your website's logo, favicon and colors.

There is a walkthrough video below or written instructions, if you prefer.

Having a logo and branding can help leave a strong impression of your firm and establish your identity as well as a sense of trust.

You will be asked to upload a logo when you first create your website. If you want to replace your logo in the future, it can be done from the website editor main dashboard. This is also where you can upload a favicon (the small image that displays in your browser tab) and change the color scheme for your website.

For your logo and favicon, in the main dashboard, under the Settings tab to the right, click “Site Details” to expand the options. Below the fields for your contact information, you will see orange buttons to upload your logo and favicon. Afterward, click Save as Draft or Save & Publish buttons to make sure your progress has been recorded.

The recommendations for the upload files are as follows:

  • File types: PNG with transparent background (preferred) or JPEG
  • File size: below 500MB
  • Recommended dimensions:
    • Favicon: 32 x 32 pixels and above (up to 192 x 192 pixels)
    • Logo: 
      • Maximum width: 500px, or
      • Maximum height: 150px
      • Your logo can be bigger but we do not recommend anything more than 1000px, length-wise or height-wise

To further customize the sizing of your logo on the website header, go to the edit mode for any page with the header. Click on the component edit icon in the upper right corner of the header (or double-click on the header itself) to open the settings of the header component. Under Advanced Settings, expand the Logo dropdown and you will see the options to adjust the Width and Height of the logo. Most logos will work well with some slight adjustments of the Width and Height, but if you experience difficulties to make your logo look right, please reach out to us and our designers can help accommodate the logo for the best appearance.

For the website color scheme, in the main dashboard, under the Settings tab to the right, click “Colors” to expand the options. You will be able to choose your own custom colors using the color picker (or by entering the hex code), or select a suitable option from our preset color palettes by clicking on the palette. Once you have picked the colors or preset palette of your choice, click Save as Draft or Save & Publish buttons to submit your selection.

Setting up the logo, favicon, and website color scheme can be a great way to start your website and define the feeling that you want to create for your brand. We strive to make this process as simple and customizable as possible for you, but if you ever need that extra help to achieve the vision you want, please feel free to contact our team for assistance.